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The Importance of Translation Service to Global Businesses

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Some global businesses do not have an idea of why it is important to get professional translators. Learn why your venture needs them here.

For any global business to succeed, it has to reach out to the clients. Otherwise, you are reducing the chances of prosperity. It is these customers that purchase from the businesses, thus translating into profits and business growth.

Businesses are now going to the international markets in a bid to get more global customers. Globalization has made it possible for the ventures that want to sell their goods overseas to do so. However, that comes at a cost. You need to create content that the customers can relate to. For instance, if your original market was in the USA, it means you mostly used English as the language of communication. If you expand the global business operation to Spain, things need to change. Since most of the people in that country speak Spanish, you should translate the content into a language that they are conversant with.

The translation is never a matter of just mechanically changing words into a different dialect. Contextual and cultural aspects should be observed too.

Are there other reasons you should opt for translation services? Here is a breakdown of why global enterprises need it:

Enhances How You Communicate with Customers

The operations of any global business involve communicating with existing as well as the new customers. How clear the message is relayed determines if these clients make a purchase from the business or not. Also, there are high chances the global business will need to communicate with people who do not understand the original language.

Professional translation service providers like Chinese Translation Services know how to translate content into a language all the customers can understand while ensuring the message gets to the recipients properly. Moreover, they take care of cultural issues. When the content is translated properly, the buyers can have the real feel of what you provide and what the company stands for. That way, they can make purchases with the knowledge of what to expect. That way, you can drive sales and make the global business more prosperous because of the foreign markets.

Enhance the Visibility of Your Business Brand

The goal of any global business is to be a market leader. Your influence in the industry is determined by the number of clients you reach in addition to the other factors. Customers do not like global businesses that present content in a language that they cannot understand. As soon as they notice they cannot understand what is available on your website, they move on to your competitors who have friendly content. It is for this reason that global businesses need to create language friendly business content.

They achieve that by acquiring professional translation services. These professionals understand the needs of global customers in terms of the content type and how the words should be framed. When content is translated in a way that the customers feel it suits them, they feel comfortable with the company that offers the commodities. In the process, the sales revenue can increase. The customers can then tell other people about the business. Consequently, the client base increases. With time, your business can be identified among the ones that are controlling the industry. Increased global brand visibility is good for any business.

Enhances the Reputation of Your Firm

Translation of a document is not a matter of getting a synonym from the original language to the target. There have been instances where such careless translations have injured the reputation of global businesses because of improper contextual use of words. Any translation should take care of the cultural identity of the target language, the words they relate to, and the ability to frame words the way they love. Such cannot happen if you use an inexperienced translator. Therefore, professional translators cannot be overlooked by businesses that want to succeed in foreign markets.

Improper translation can lead your company into long legal battles and completely destroy the brand reputation. The result is that you lose clients, spend money trying to fix things, and inviting shame to your business. You can also put the global customers at risk if you are dealing with sensitive products such as food and medicine.

How can professional translators help? They know the exact words that fit from the original language to the target one. Moreover, they understand the cultural inclination of the clients. Therefore, instances of embarrassing translations are reduced. As a global business, you should never offend international clients. Such an act can spell doom for you.

Enables Smooth Running of the Global Business Operations

Many people have to be involved in the operation of the business. They include:

  • Clients

  • Government

  • Shareholders

One of the requirements of the government is that you should comply with their legal requirements, which involve writing terms and conditions of the service in a way that the clients can understand. Given the sensitivity of legal documents, they can only be handled by professionals. On the other hand, it is also important to communicate effectively to the shareholders so that they know what they are getting into.

There are also times when negotiation between the global business and the stakeholders become necessary. For smooth operation, there should be an understanding of the various people involved in the business. Smooth running is essential for business growth.

The Bottom Line

As can be observed above, global businesses that have extended their operations to overseas markets should know how to engage their clients through translation. The things that need translations include product descriptions, website content, agreement documents, and marketing materials. When customers understand communication from global businesses, they feel more comfortable to purchase products. That way, the global business can prosper.


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