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Elite Business Translation Services Qatar
Elite Business Translation Services Qatar

Elite Business Translation is a certified translation services company in the State of Qatar. We are confident to provide high-quality and precise translation services in all types of documents and materials for both individuals and businesses. Our translators and proof-readers are well qualified in more than 60 languages, based everywhere in the world, and are dedicated to delivering reliable and consistent content.

As one of the leading translation services company in Qatar, we have already proven our skillsets in different translation areas of bridging the gap between cultures by establishing an effective communication.

Elite Business Translation Services Qatar إليت بيزنس  لخدمات الترجمة

Experience the best translation services with   Elite Business Translation

Certified and Accredited Translation Services Qatar


Professional Translators Qatar


Fast Turnaround Translation Services Qatar


High Quality Translation Services Qatar


Cost Effective Rates Translation Services Qatar


Accurate Translation Services Qatar


Certified Translation Services Qatar

"Quality Translation by Real People"

The company believes in the importance of communication, in terms of accuracy and precision, which is the key for business excellence anywhere in the world.


Document Translation Services Qatar
Document Translation Services Qatar


 Document Translation is a translation of different kinds of documents such as certificates, IDs, documents for general, financial, and educational contents. 

Birth Certificate | Diploma | Marriage Certificate
Invoice| Bank Statements | Passport

Legal Translation Services Qatar
Legal Translation Services Qatar


Legal Translation is a kind of translation that involves translating documents that have a legal nature.

Contracts | Agreements | Will     

Deeds | Loans | Lease

MultiLanguage Translation Services Qatar
MultiLanguage Translation Services Qatar


Translating into English and Multi-Languages in a wide range of fields from translations of general contents.

Letters| Emails|Business Writings
Professional and Technical Content

Technical Translation Services Qatar
Technical Translation Services Qatar


Technical Translation involves the translation of documents written by industry professionals using specialised terminology.

User Manual | Operating Instructions | Catalogs
Handbook | Technical Reports

Medical Translation Service Qatar
Medical Translation Service Qatar


Many medical professionals need medical translation services, in order to provide patients who speak other languages with the correct medical treatment.

Medical Records | Prescriptions | Medical Charts
Scientific Research| Clinical Study Reports

Marketing Translation Services Qatar
Marketing Translation Services Qatar


A well researched marketing translation will strengthen a brand’s identity on a global scale, while preserving its uniqueness in each market.

Website | Company Profile | Flyers
Social Media | Advertising Materials

Certified Translation Services Qatar
EBSS Founder_BG_Translation in Qatar.png


Mohamed Elassal is Elite Business Solutions Services’ driving force and the main source of inspiration for our team. He has a Master in International Arbitration, and has been engaged in translation business since 2017.

Mr. Mohamed is greatly experienced in managing various workflow procedures and solving challenging tasks. He ensures that each project is carried out with due diligence and bears personal responsibility for translation quality and meeting the agreed deadlines.
Mr. Mohamed has a broad range of interests. He is energetic, ambitious and forward-thinking.



Aboud Mohamed Ali
Classical Palace 

"I have been dealing with EBSS for translation office for a long time. Their work is very nice and the translation is perfect, and whenever we deal with them, they get the work done. I thank all the employees here in the office for their kind treatment to us."

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Sadiq Diab 
Abdul Rahman Almahmoud Law Firm

It is a leading company in legal translation. Through many experiences we had with them, their translation is very wonderful and accurate, especially in legal translation. 
The most important thing is the speed, I applaud it after my personal experience with them, that is all. May Allah gives you a thousand wellness.

Abdul Rahman Law Firm.png

Adel Sa'adeh
Management Solutions Consultancy

In my professional level of business in Qatar , I was lucky to find  a professional translation organization experts.
Elite Services Company,  have the capability to  deliver the best translation in various languages  at the shortest time possible compared with others.

Management Solutions Consultancy.JPG


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